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Criminal Investigations of Tennessee, Clarksville, & Chattanooga

Anderson Investigations is proud to provide criminal investigation services to Chattanooga, TN and the surrounding areas. Criminal investigations are different from spousal ones. Criminal investigations are conducted by collecting and seeking evidence for a crime. Our PI’s will legally search for evidence and perform background checks to find out if a crime has occurred. A professional private investigator will discretely work for you, and find out information for you about the case.

When Should I Hire a
Private Investigator?

Are you frustrated with the length of an ongoing investigation? This is the number one reason for hiring a private investigator. Anderson Investigation works for you! All our attention will be on the criminal case. We will gather evidence, find and interview witnesses, and provide surveillance services. We will work with you to provide crucial information for the police. Our PI’s will collect unbiased facts about the crime that was committed. Our services are all legal, safe, and affordable! We offer criminal investigation services to Chattanooga, TN and the neighboring areas.

Why Should I Hire a
Private Investigator?

The number one reason to hire a private investigator is for the loyalty and dedication to your criminal investigation. Law enforcement agencies are swamped with criminal investigations. With Anderson Investigations, you receive our full attention. Our private investigators operate within the law while finding important information for the criminal case. We are also not limited to work within a jurisdiction. This means we can operate outside of Chattanooga, TN.

Our PI’s will work on all types of cases, including:

Sexual Assaults


Property Damage


Physical Assault

These are only a few examples of the types of cases we can investigate fully. For more information, give us a call. Our team is waiting to help you with your criminal investigations.

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